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White Varieties

Riesling - What many people don\'t know about Riesling is that it is one of the truly classic grape varieties.

Sauvignon Blanc - The piercing aromas and crisp acidity of Sauvignon Blanc elicit strong and varied reactions.

Semillon - Semillon comprises one of three grapes in the famous Sauterne dessert wines.

Silvaner - The bland Silvaner grapes is losing dominance in Germany and Alsace but is still commonly used in blends.

Tokaji - "The king of wine and wine of kings," Tokaji Aszú is Hungary's famous dessert wine.

Torrontés (Torontel) - The crisply fragrant white wine grape comes from Spain but is best known for creating Argentina\'s best white wine.

Viognier - Until the 1980\'s, Viognier was hardly ever seen outside the northern Rhône.

Red Varieties

Sangiovese - Sangiovese is Italy\'s most planted variety and is responsible for all of the great red wines of Tuscany.

Syrah - There is a bit of a debate in the wine world as to the origins of the Syrah grape, known as Shiraz in Australia...

Tempranillo - Tempranillo, whether blended or not, forms the backbone of wines throughout Spain.

Trollinger/Schiava - Trollinger is a red wine grape that makes very easy drinking reds.

Zinfandel - Zinfandel is synonymous with the Italian primitivo grape, though its origins are unknown.