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Sparkling Wine Production

Overview - The basic parts of sparking wine production.

The Traditional Method

Second Fermentation - Unlike still wine, Prosecco and Champagne undergo a second fermentation within the bottle.

Remuage - In Remuage, the yeast are moved gradually toward the neck of the bottle.

Aging sur Point - After Remuage, sparkling wines are Aged in the vertical position.

Disgorgement - Eventually, the yeast are removed from the neck of the bottle.

Dosage - Champagne is usually not completely dry, as it is "dosed" with a small amount of sugar prior to corking.

Corking - Finally, the wine is corked.

Other Methods

Transfer Method - Less expensive, but similar to the traditional method.

Charmat Method - A much cheaper and faster way to add bubbles to wine, the Charmat method uses pressurized metal tanks.