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  • Publish Date: Oct 12, 2009

The job of a wine importer is one of adventure and discovery, combing foreign lands on the hunt for the next great bottle. There are many great importers who bring wonderful wines into the US, but the greatest have names that are synonymous with excellence.

Robert Kacher is one of these names. In 1971, while in his early 20s, Bobby stuffed his backpack and began traveling the back roads of France learning as much about wine as he could. During this trip he discovered the wine, food and family culture of the vineyards and kitchens of France. These served as his “formal” wine education.

After working as a consultant for an already established importer, Bobby continued down the road less traveled and founded Robert Kacher Selections. From the outset, he endeavored to associate himself with boutique and estate wineries that strove to be among the best in France. Working closely with them, he has been able to ensure the quality and authenticity of his portfolio.

Now 24 years later, his mission remains the same and his signature, which can be found on every bottle he imports, is emblematic of a wine that is great. Look for it next time you’re shopping.

To learn more about Bobby Kacher, whom Robert Parker listed as one of the 20 most influential people in the wine industry in the last 20 years, go to

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