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 Filed as : Regional SpotlightWashington

Woodin It Be Nice

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  • Publish Date: Nov 3, 2009

Only a stone’s throw from the technology titan Microsoft and just out of sight from the observation deck of the Space Needle, sits a sleepy, sliver of land called Woodinville, Washington. Therein also sits a delightful, hidden expanse of vineyards.

Woodinville is not as iconic as Washington State’s other W-named wine region (Walla-Walla). Almost cowering over this tiny town of less are Washington’s very well-known wine producers, Chateau St. Michelle and Columbia Winery. (Their total case productions each far exceed the total inhabitants of Woodinville proper!) But Woodinville also offers a growing number of smaller producers, a handful of which also offer tasting rooms.

The Daily Sip™ favorites in Woodinville are DiStefano and DeLille. DiStefano is dedicated to producing small-lot, Bordeaux and Rhône-style wines of the highest quality.Their Syrah and “Ottimo” (Meritage) are truly delicious. Similarly, DeLille Cellars is committed to making “the best hand-crafted, old world style wine” possible. Their “D2” Bordeaux-blend has received accolades from all sorts of press and is on many of the most iconic restaurants’ wine lists. It too will leave you with a reason to remember the name Woodinville.

Go to to plan your next Washington state wine getaway.

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Nov 3, 2009
Just a comment - "Therein also sits a delightful, hidden expanse of vineyards." Woodinville has great wineries but doesn't really have vineyards. The vineyards are almost all on the eastern side of the state. Woodinville has attracted a ton of wineries to the area though. Some have built nice spaces and others just rent space in industrial type buildings and lots of great quality wine is being made there.

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What is the name of the indentation in the bottom of a wine bottle that gives the bottle stability and disperses the pressure within a Champagne bottle?