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Aw, Gee

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  • Publish Date: Oct 22, 2010

Aw, Gee
Making tasty wine requires obsessive cleaning--and maybe swimming.

Harvest is still cranking along throughout the northern hemisphere's wine regions, and right about now winery workers are giving up on several of their grape-stained garments for good. At this time of year, especially, winemaking is very messy work.

But let's be honest. Winemaking is messy during the rest of the year as well. In our next installment focusing on dirty vineyard work, we again provide a sneak peek at season two of PBS series The Winemakers. And this time we examine an especially ugly task--cleaning algae from the irrigation pond:

Unfortunately, the job is one that requires you to dive in headfirst--literally. The reason for cleaning an irrigation pond is to keep the algae from going through the water system and onto the vines. On the bright side, cleaning algae is a good way to cool off after a long day under the hot sun in the vines. The upshot, however, could be emerging from the pond wearing leeches.

Be sure to keep an eye on your local PBS lineup for the second season of The Winemakers. And if you've ever had a job that was dirtier than swimming in a pond, cleaning out algae, tell us about it below.



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