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Trump Wines…Coming Soon To A Trump Tower Near You

Mar 30, 2012
Trump Wines…Coming Soon To A Trump Tower Near You
Donald Trump’s empire extends to wine

trumpIn the past, we’ve leveraged this annual prank day to come up with Sips on such things as the “first 100-point wine made from hydroponic grapes” and “Lady Gaga’s new Mother Monster Sparkling Vodka.” We hope we fooled you. Or at least entertained you.

But sometimes in life, truth is stranger than fiction. Enter: Trump Wines.

You betcha, the Donald extends his brand empire to wine. And we’re just hoping his approach is far more tasteful than his toupee.

As reported by the Fox Television Network, on October 4, 2011, the Donald “swooped” into Virginia on his corporate helicopter and was met by Kluge Estate Winery and Vineyard’s original co-owner Patricia Kluge. (See the Donald talk about the acquisition here.) The Kluge Estate, which the Donald bought out of bankruptcy in one of his signature vulture deals, serves as the centerpiece of his new Virginia vineyard holdings, which he hopes will eventually approach 1,000 acres. Surprisingly, or not, Trump’s newest acquisition is just a few miles away from Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s original Virginia estate where the third president himself attempted to grow grapes for over 30 years.

Now, be honest. If we hadn’t said right off the bat that Trump wine is no joke, would you have thought it was an April Fool’s Day farce? Tell us below.

Wonder how April Fool’s Day originated? Find out here.


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