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Auxerrois Blanc

Oct 12, 2011
Auxerrois Blanc
This tongue twisting white is a perfect cool weather wine

whitewineAs the weather cools off, we’re turning to fuller bodied whites, and one grape in particular has us swooning. You’ve probably never heard of it and quite possibly can’t pronounce it, but we are totally crushing on auxerrois.

Auxerrois (pronounced awk-sehr-WAH) is similar to pinot blanc. Though it is broader on the palate and more spicy than pinot blanc in flavor, auxerrois is sometimes blended with the latter to add nuance.

A cross between Burgundy’s pinot noir and the ancient white variety gouais blanc, auxerrois originates in Alsace, France, but can also be found in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Adelsheim Vineyards makes a beautifully balanced auxerrois with aromas of juicy apple, pear, white peach and honey. At $17 a bottle, this white is a steal. We highly recommend pairing it with a filet of salmon, grilled pork chop or a triple creme cheese.

Auxerrois’ full name is auxerrois blanc, meant to distinguish it from auxerrois noir, a synonym for malbec in the Loire Valley, and from auxerrois gris, a synonym for pinot gris. Pick up a bottle today and enjoy on the next cool, winter evening.

What’s a white wine you love to enjoy during cooler months? Tell us about it below.


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