Organized Drinking 101

Organized Drinking 101

Happy New Year! Now that we’ve all had a few days to recover from the end-of-year festivities, it’s time to get working on the best kind of resolution: drinking better.

“Better” can mean a lot of different things, of course — choosing high quality ingredients, perhaps, or perfecting a particular drink-making technique. Or maybe it’s finally time to learn to make clear ice or upgrade the tumbler selection.

Throughout January, we’ll be highlighting some areas in which we’d like to improve. For the first week, we’ll start with something easy: cleaning up our drinking station. After all, when your tools and ingredients are orderly, it’s that much easier to be creative in the mixing glass.

Here are some items we have our eye on to make our home bar look—and feel—super inviting:

Wooden Bar Cart
If you’ve yet to pony up and get an actual bar cart, well, what are you waiting for? This attractive wooden model will work with almost any décor, and the clean lines make it fuctional to boot. Imagine having all of your most well-loved bottles just within reach.

All-purpose Rocks Glasses
No etching. No embossing. No tinting. These streamlined tumblers are the Marie-Kondo-Life-Changing-Magic-of-Tidying-Up of rocks glasses — i.e. the only set of non-stemmed glasses you actually need.

Bar Tray
For when you need a drinking station that isn’t the full bar cart, a stylish tray will do. This geometrically printed tray fits the bill — pretty enough for the coffee table or bookshelf, sturdy enough to withstand a cocktail party.

Streamlined Cocktail Set
Maybe your trusty go-to shaker has seen better days or bar spoon got lost in the holiday shuffle? Get back to basics with this sturdy practical set.

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