Apple Cider Spritzer

Apple Cider Spritzer

On Thanksgiving, food gets the lion’s share of attention, with the cooks of the house working on menus long in advance. But do you have your game plan set for cocktails?

This is what we’re making this year: Apple Cider Spritzer. And here’s why.

Because making individual cocktails after fussing over a billion side dishes doesn’t sound fun, we wanted something we could make in one swoop—a big batch cocktail. And no special equipment required--all you need is a stylish pitcher and tumblers.

But because family gatherings call for something that’s alcoholic, but not too much so, we wanted something on the lighter side. Remember: Thanksgiving is a marathon, not a sprint. The first drink out of the gates needs to be fresh and bright—something that leaves room for more (a lot more). The bulk of this cocktail is made with comparatively low-alcohol sparkling wine—so we can start with this and still have room for wine with dinner.

And finally, we wanted something that fit with the season, and fresh apple cider (the non-alcoholic, non-sparkling kind) fills that role nicely. Bonus: if you have any teetotallers or underage guests coming, you can serve straight apple cider with a splash of sparkling water.

Apple Cider Spritzer
Serves 8

1 bottle chilled sparkling wine (Cava or Prosecco make good choices)
2 cups fresh apple cider
½ cup Pierre Ferrand Dry Orange Curaçao (substitute Grand Marnier for a sweeter twist, or Cognac for a more boozy riff)
2 apples, cored and cubed

Add all the ingredients to a large pitcher and stir. If you are serving immediately, add ice to the pitcher. If you plan to serve over an extended period of time, add ice to each cup upon service, then pour the sangria over the ice. Use a long wooden spoon to make sure each glass gets a few apple cubes for garnish.

Image Credit: Litehouse Foods

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