100 Point Wines on Indoor Vines

100 Point Wines on Indoor Vines

ken_hawkins_wines_at_saltus_400x267_400What if there were a winery that could produce 100 point wines, 100% of the time? The day is not far off according to Dutch billionaire Peter Van Basten. Van Basten, who has spent most of his life working on his family’s fruit farms around the world, is planning to create a vineyard utopia within a group of formerly abandoned warehouses in Las Vegas.

Grow lamps and hydroponic farming will be the keys to his success. Sound like another Dutch specialty? With what he claims will be a vineyard that can replicate the ideal growing conditions and terroir of the premier growing regions around the world, he hopes to be pouring a fleet of 95+ point wines at his Vegas tasting room in less than 10 years.

Sound a little too artificial for you? We initially thought so as well, but Van Basten claims the temperature control systems will be powered by wind and solar energy exclusively. Better yet, the water will be purified by the latest filtering technology out of Norway (and we all know they know water). As he puts it, “I am simply providing a naturally existing plant, and living organism, the ideal conditions in which to grow, thrive and bare the best fruit possible."

Sounds reasonable to us! The winery remains to be named, but to read more about Peter Van Basten, the technology he plans to use, and to see whom he’d like to have as his winemaker visit www.vanbastenwines.com.

Happy April Fool's Day from Team Bottlenotes!

Photo by Ken Hawkins, "Wine at Saltus"

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