3 Summer Wines That Aren’t Rosé

3 Summer Wines That Aren’t Rosé

Rosé is an easy wine to pour in the summer. From the pretty colors to the extremely high drinkability factor, it’s seems to be the perfect choice for those hot days by the pool.

But while we love pink, there are tons of light, crisp whites to love too. We’ve recently suggested some great Sauvignon Blancs and Vermentinos.

Now here’s a few more to try:

This minerally white, from the Loire Valley, France, has long been a go-to pairing for oysters and seafood, but it certainly can stand on its own. We know Wine Pro Joe Campanale reaches for it after a long day. And because Muscadet (Muss-ka-day) is still under-the-radar—even after all these years of being lauded as sommelier favorite—you can find great bottles for under $20.

Try: Domaine de la Pépière Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine Sur Lie 2015, Loire, France, $16

Prices for good White Burgundy and Chablis might be a little out-of-budget for your casual picnic, but Aligoté (Ah-lee-go-tay), the insider’s White Burgundy grape, offers a solid pick for hot summer days. It has a minerally, citrusy character, similar to Chablis, that works great with food or just your everyday drinking.

Try: Domaine Sarrazin Bourgogne Aligoté Charnailles 2014, Burgundy, France, $23

This Sicilian red grape tends to make wines that are light-bodied, fruity, and fresh. And because Frappato (Frap-ah-toe) tends to be best served with just a little chill, it’s the perfect refreshing red when the humidity spikes. Look for wines made from solely Frappato or in blends with Nero d’Avola (a red Sicilian grape).

Try: Gulfi Cerasuolo di Vittoria 2014, Sicily, Italy, $24

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