A New, Free, Lonely Planet-esque Guide to South Africa

A New, Free, Lonely Planet-esque Guide to South Africa

silkbrush_mountain_vineyards_400x266_400Lots of wineries invite you to come taste at their property. How many actually curate an entire tasting itinerary for you to their region?

South Africa’s SILKBUSH MOUNTAIN VINEYARDS does just that. Proprietor/importer Dave Jefferson decided that being an American landowner and grape grower in the beautiful country of South Africa wasn’t enough: he needed to help drive more tourism to the region in the spirit that a rising tide raises all boats. Thus he leveraged 20 years of "wisdom" gained from 34 trips to create a nine-page, Lonely Planet-esque, 11-day itinerary for your next wine trip to South Africa. You can download it for free at www.silkbush.com. Replete with where to taste, instructions for setting up tasting appointments, where to stay, how to get around, and which guides to hire, the maps themselves are extremely useful –particularly when traveling on the opposite side of the road!

If you’re interested in trying Silkbush’s limited-quantity viognier or pinotage to whet your appetite for the trip, you can find it here.

Know of other great resources for planning wine tasting trips to South Africa? Please share them below.

Photo Credit: Silkbush Mountain Vineyards

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