A Winter Sip from around the World

A Winter Sip from around the World

VinChaudDid you know that heated wine is an international treat dating back to ancient Rome? All around the world, no winter wonderland is complete without a pot of warm mulled wine. Here are some of our favorite variations to try this winter.

The French vin chaud bears a striking resemblance to the traditional English mulled wine. A good vin chaud is never too sweet, and many, like this one, kick things up a notch by adding Cognac to the mix.

In Sweden, glögg is a favorite for the Julbord, or the Christmas Smörgåsbord. Similar to other Scandinavian mulled wines, glögg is often made with brandy and served with gingerbread. Make it yourself for the perfect addition to your winter entertaining spread.

European immigrants brought mulled wine to Brazil, where they often stir in cachaça, a distilled spirit made from sugarcane, to create what they call Quentão de Vinho. Brazilians savor Quentão de Vinho during the Festa Junina in June, when it’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere. If you can’t find cachaça, try this version to get a taste for what the Brazilians are sipping.

A popular drink at the Quebec Winter Carnival, Caribou, is bound to warm you up. The recipe became popular in the early Carnivals over 60 years ago. It mixes brandy, vodka, sherry and port! Taste this Canadian delight at home with this recipe for 10 adventurous souls.

All you sushi lovers have probably tried warm saké, but in Japan they’ll add an egg to make Tamagozake. Similar to eggnog (and sometimes affectionately called sake-nog), the Japanese use the warm drink to cure the common cold. Brew a batch at home and try the remedy for yourself.

So wherever you are this winter, beat Jack Frost with one of these warm wine sips for a delicious winter treat.

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