(All-) American Wine Story

(All-) American Wine Story

mv5bmtq5mzi3otywml5bml5banbnxkftztgwnjmzmtc2mde._v1_sx214_al_Veterans Day (November 11) is the holiday where we honor great Americans heroes and great American stories. Fittingly, therefore, we thought it appropriate to review the film American Wine Story on this day steeped in history.

The film started as a journey to discover why people leave their day jobs to risk following their dreams. Over the course of interviewing many winemakers and growers, the filmmakers at Three Crows Media found a trending topic: Jimi Brooks.

Jimi’s story is a cinematic one. After he died unexpectedly at a very young age, the Brooks winery in Oregon’s Willamette Valley was left to his eight year old son, Pascal. Jimi’s sister, Janie, took over the Brooks Wine brand. Janie leveraged Jimi’s relationships and her own zeal to continue to build upon her brother’s legacy to produce some of the region’s best rieslings and pinot noirs. A decade later, there is no question she is succeeding, as evidenced by the brand-new Brooks Winery that opened in July 2014.

In the filmmaker’s own words, “this is a film that aims to leave all audiences with a dash of inspiration to follow their own American dreams, or at least pause and consider the story behind the bottle next time they pull a cork.”

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Most importantly, this Veterans Day, please raise a glass to all the men and women who serve our country so selflessly.

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