An accessible approach to an iconic wine region

An accessible approach to an iconic wine region

microguide_bordeaux Bottlenotes has long strived to help educate and entertain wine enthusiasts with cool, fun, hip and approachable content about wine and wine lifestyle. Yet until now, when a reader or event attendee asked us for more detailed advice about visiting a favorite region or tasting great wines from a specific place, we have not been able to provide a simple sophisticated response.

Enter, A Microguide to Bordeaux, the inaugural edition Bottlenotes’ indispensible new series offering “sippable” snapshots of iconic wine regions the world over.

The Microguide includes an overview of “Bordeaux Basics.” It describes the region’s classic grape varieties, spotlights historic cities, towns and wineries, and recommends itineraries for two to five day trips. It also includes practical tips for enjoying Bordeaux wines at home.

After reading A Microguide to Bordeaux, you will understand that contrary to popular belief, Bordeaux wines are not always expensive and a trip to the region is by no means out of reach. In fact, this storied region currently offers some of the best “values” in the wine world.

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Interested in a physical copy of the book? It’s a great gift and super useful as a buying guide/travel resource. Pre-order yours today!

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