Best Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers

Best Last-Minute Holiday Gifts for Wine Lovers

The days leading up to the holidays seem to disappear and we always end up with last-minute gift-shopping.

But we’re here to help! If your wine lover already has the good basics or you just need some stocking stuffers, below are a few super-fun eleventh-hour little gifts. And many of these gifts are around $20 because fun, thoughtful gifts don’t have to equate to big and expensive.

And while we’ve included links to the specific sites below, if you don’t feel like paying expedited shipping, you can probably find most of this stuff locally. So just consider these suggestions.

1. A cool wine-themed t-shirt from Café Press. Especially if your wine lover is still wearing her favorite college t-shirt, maybe it’s time for a new addition. (How many years since graduation?)

One of our favorite tees says: “I make wine disappear. What is your superpower?”

2. Wine glass charms. While many will argue these charms are frivolous, we actually think they’re adorable and they really do help us remember which glass is ours if we happen to put it down. From different snowflakes to cats (yes, cats) these charms are silly-fun and perfect for a holiday party!

3. Big Mouth Bottle Glass. This is actually perfect for the wine snobs in your life because it’s so funny. It’s basically a glass that holds a full bottle of wine, so it gives a whole new meaning to the “I’ll-just-have-one-glass” statement.

4. Wine Cork Candles. There are tons of wine scented candles out there these days which are so fabulous. But this candles look just like a cork from your favorite wine bottle and you just stick them back in and light them. As they melt down, they make us think of Scenes from an Italian Restaurant.

5. Wine Cork Kit. While we are by no means Martha-Stewart-crafty, we do love simple fun crafts you can make with the corks you’ve saved from over the years. Whether it’s a serving tray or a picture frame, they look so cool and only require glue – which is about all we can manage in the craft department.

So happy shopping! We know we would love any of these gifts! (Hint to all loved ones reading right now.)

Tracy Byrnes, former FOX Business Network anchor and host of “Wine with Me” for, is editor-in-chief and chief contributor of The Sip.

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