Calories and Wine. Some Things are Better Left Unsaid.

Calories and Wine. Some Things are Better Left Unsaid.

daniel_lee_8_11_15_400Be honest. Do you really want to know how many calories are in a glass of wine? You probably do know (about 150 per glass, sorry to break it to you), and when you have just one glass, it’s not so bad on the waistline. But who has just one glass? That’s right, do the math when you’ve downed most of a bottle. Some things are just better left unsaid.

The fun might soon be sucked right out of the bottle as alcoholic beverages get the same nutritional labels food packages have. Consumer advocates would like to see labels marked with serving sizes plus carb, sugar, fat, sodium and other information. (Note, though, that wine at least, has no fat and no sodium). The most recent stance on the issue by the government? It’s up to the producers to decide. For now.

Back in 2007, the Tax and Trade Bureau, or TTB, proposed mandatory labeling, but the rules were never finalized. As a temporary measure, the officials involved recently decided that wine producers (and beer and liquor makers) could voluntarily label their wines if they wanted to. Some reports on the subject suggest the practice will soon become mandatory.

If you live in a city where chain restaurants boast menus that now reveal calorie counts, you might be well aware of how those numbers have improved customer decision-making. Will the same information on alcoholic beverages impact behavior? We obviously see both sides of the issue, and thought you’d like to ponder the pros and cons, too, as you sip.

What do you consider to be a serving size of wine and would nutritional information impact the way you drink wine? Tell us below.

Photo Credit: Daniel Lee

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