Cameron Hughes. Get to know the man behind the wine.

Cameron Hughes. Get to know the man behind the wine.

Cameron Hughes has built a massive following of wine fans who seek quality wines at value prices. He is a “negociant” by trade, someone who works with growers and wineries directly to source juice from some of the world's prized appellations. Once identified, he private-labels in one of his numbered, designated “lots.” From Costco to your local wine shop, Cameron’s wines are turning up everywhere. 

We wanted to know more about what made him such a unique figure in the wine business. So we sat down with him to learn what piques his interest in wine (short answer: growing up in Modesto with a dad who worked for Gallo), how Cameron Hughes Wines became what it is today (probably has something to do with his motto for life: “Don’t sweat the small stuff…outsource it”), and what he prefers to drink if deserted on a island (spoiler alert: it’s not wine!).

To read more Cameron-isms, about his life as an entrepreneur/husband/father of two, some of his wine-related disasters, and other private tidbits, read his full interview with Bottlenotes.


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