Celebrate Mom with Well-Priced Wine

Celebrate Mom with Well-Priced Wine

mothersday_02.It’s true: we should all celebrate our mothers with expensive gifts and flowers. But in this new economy, looking like you’ve spent a ton, when you actually did not might be the greatest gift of all. So is there a secret to finding great value wines—wines that will make mom think you spent more than you actually did? We asked Eric White who runs The Winery in New York City, a wine shop that specializes in great wines for under $25.

Eric said, to fool mom, target regions that produce quality wines for $12-$30. They often taste more expensive than they actually are. “Several regions in the wine world offer value due to competition from larger or more recognizable regions. There are still great values to be found in South Africa, Portugal, South America, and in some parts of southern France,” he said. He also said if mom likes bubbly, seek out sparkling wine made by the methode traditionelle —the way it is made in Champagne, but without the higher price tag.

We asked Eric to suggest three wines that will wow your mom and your credit card statement. Here are his picks:

CAMILLE BRAUN Cremant D’Alsace Brut non-vintage (Alsace, France) $22
Organically grown and a lovely substitute for fine Champagne.

DE TRAFFORD Chenin Blanc 2012 (Stellenbosch, South Africa) $28
Top winemaker and perfect pairing for a complex dinner.

JOSE MARIA DE FONSECA Domini 2008 (Douro Valley, Portugal) $14
Wines from Douro Valley and Barriada regions of Portugal can be magnificent and extremely good values. Mr. White said they are often heartier than some California, Italian, and French wines.

Eric also suggested finding a reputable wine store in your region with a knowledgeable staff to help you. For now, don’t panic: there are wonderful wines out there at all price ranges.

What are you doing to celebrate your mother this year? Let us know below.

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