Celebrating the 4th and The Great American Wine Company

Celebrating the 4th and The Great American Wine Company

gawco-redblend_0Friday we celebrate the red, white, and blue with parades, fireworks, and wine. That’s right—now you can drink patriotically, thanks to The Great American Wine Company.

A new venture from the folks at Rosenblum Cellars, The Great American Wine Company is a trio of wines (chardonnay, cabernet, and a red blend) sporting contemporary Americana labels and easy-drinking, approachable flavors.

The chardonnay is fruity, rich, and soft. It would be great with grilled shrimp or chicken, or with cheese and crackers as a first course for your 4th of July feast.

The zinfandel-based red blend is a fruit bomb of black cherry and raspberry flavors. Try it with chili or barbecued ribs.

The cabernet sauvignon is also fruit-forward, with blackberry and black currant flavors and light tannins. Enjoy it with grilled steak.

These are not nose-in-the-air wines. They’re fun and easy, with a $13 price tag to match.

Best of all, every year the company will make a contribution to military charities supporting both active troops and veterans. This year, the primary recipient will be the USO which will receive $100,000 to help support worldwide programs for US troops and their families.

How can you argue with that, especially on this most American of holidays? So raise a glass to The Great American Wine Company—you’ll be drinking well and doing good.

What will you be sipping this 4th of July? Let us know below.

Photo Credit: The Great American Wine Company

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