Champagne Regained

Champagne Regained

61lnvxhkllIn an age when many wine regions have evolved into Disneyland for adults (not that we’re complaining), Champagne has retained its identity as a natural wonder. Jacqueline Widmar Stewart explores the region’s architecture and innate beauty in her new book, Champagne Regained, which is the culmination of a decade of research.

“Champagne could’ve easily been transformed by commercial interests, but you can still visit its villages and sit with vintners whose families have worked the land for generations,” says Stewart. “I’m mesmerized by how unaffected they are by their success.”

Stewart offers three great recommendations for your next visit to Champagne:

- Visit Montagne de Reims for breathtaking views of the region’s vineyards and villages.

- Explore the 24-kilometer labyrinth of chalk cellars beneath Veuve Clicquot, and discover the story of the how the widow Clicquot created the “riddling” process to remove dead yeast cells from bottles of Champagne after the second fermentation.

- Picnic beside the mystical aquatic gardens of the Forêt d’Orient near the village of Aube. Take in the old windmills, timber churches and rich wild life, or forage for chanterelles beneath oak trees that are a hundred-years-old.

Do you have three more tips for a perfect visit to Champagne? Share with us below.

Photo Credit: Champagne Regained.

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