Classic and creative wine choices this Valentine’s Day

Classic and creative wine choices this Valentine’s Day

picture_250x250The French are celebrated for their quixotic sensibilities, so it is no surprise that France produces Saint-Amour and Champagne, two wines that befit Valentine’s Day.

The romantically named Saint-Amour is one of the 10 Cru wines of the Beaujolais region. Made from the gamay grape, there are two styles of Saint-Amour: it can be lively, fruit-driven and floral, with soft tannins or they can be complex wines with aromas of dark cherry and spice. Saint-Amour pairs with all sorts of romantic fare. We suggest pairing it with poultry, red meat or game.

Another libation that is as sexy as it is romantic is a titillating glass of Champagne. Try a Blanc de Blancs (made from chardonnay) or a Blanc de Noirs (made from pinot noir and pinot meunier). Choose between a non-vintage Champagne, made from a blend of different vintages, or a vintage Champagne, made entirely from a single year. Levels of dryness and sweetness vary, going from Extra Brut (the driest), Brut (dry), Extra Dry (off-dry), Demi-Sec (quite sweet) and Doux (sweet). Finally, the choice over white or rosé is a matter of preference, but this being Valentine’s Day, we suggest opting for pink.

Have a favorite Saint-Amour or Champagne that you plan to enjoy this Valentine’s Day? Share it here.

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