Claypool Cellars produces finely tuned wine

Claypool Cellars produces finely tuned wine

images-1Vocalist Les Claypool of San Francisco-based rock/metal band Primus is a legend of the music world. What is far lesser-known about him is that he is also the founder of Claypool Cellars. Initially, Claypool set out to make wine as a way to save money. He figured it would be cheaper to drink if he made it himself.

Even though he admits making wine isn’t so cheap after all, the hobby has turned into a business. Today, his Russian River estate produces various pinot noirs, a rosé and a grenache blend. The winery’s wine club is called L.E.S.—the League of Extraordinary Slurpers.

Read on for Les’ insights into the connection between music and winemaking, and more.

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Photo Credit: SF Station.

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