Create an Elegant Dinner with the Perfect Wine Pairing

Create an Elegant Dinner with the Perfect Wine Pairing

nob_chicken_250x250_bnr_jan2014_fnlYou can't go wrong when pairing the classics, like a crisp, well-chilled glass of white wine with a seafood or chicken dish. The key to pairing is considering the dominant flavors of the dish you're eating and whether they are complemented by the wine.

The beauty of white wine is its versatility and range of style, from dry to sweet. A particularly versatile white wine is sauvignon blanc. Depending on the climate of the region it’s produced, sauvignon blanc can vary from dry to slightly sweet and from low acidity to medium-high levels. New Zealand sauvignon blanc is known for its medium body with dry, vibrant characters that pair well with lean proteins, fresh vegetables and green herbs.

Matt Lambert, New Zealand native and Michelin Star Chef of the New York City restaurant The Musket Room, serves pan-roasted chicken and grilled asparagus with Nobilo Marlborough sauvignon blanc. The tropical aromas of pineapple and passion fruit combined with the flinty minerality and herbal notes of the wine perfectly complement the fresh and savory flavors of the dish.

Click here to watch Michelin Star Chef, Matt Lambert, and Nobilo Winemaker, David Edmonds, pair Pan-Roasted Chicken with Nobilo Marlborough sauvignon blanc.

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