Create an Elegant Dinner with the Perfect Wine Pairing

Create an Elegant Dinner with the Perfect Wine Pairing

nob_lamb_250x250_bnr_jan2014_fnl_01The same care that goes into creating the perfect meal also goes into making a great wine. So, when pairing the two, the combination should elevate the entire experience.

You can start by pairing the classics like red wine and red meat. But it’s also important to consider the dominant flavor of your dish. Nobilo Winemaker, Dave Edmonds, says he starts by “evaluating the flavors of a dish and trying to complement them”. Lighter meat dishes such as savory lamb or chicken, may call for a more versatile red wine, like Pinot Noir.

Nobilo Icon Pinot Noir from New Zealand is aged in oak for 12 months to impart complex layers of toast and vanilla. Coupled with this wine’s fruity, dark raspberry undertones, it pairs beautifully with lamb.

Matt Lambert, New Zealand native and chef/owner of New York City restaurant, The Musket Room, serves Nobilo Icon Pinot Noir with a fine roasted lamb and garden vegetable dish - a New Zealand specialty. Not only do the flavors of the wine meld perfectly with savory lamb, but its ruby color paired with the lamb looks as delicious as it tastes.

Click here to watch Michelin Star Chef, Matt Lambert, and Nobilo Winemaker, David Edmonds, pair New Zealand Lamb with Nobilo Icon Pinot Noir..

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