East and West Coast US winemakers channel their inner “gangsta”

East and West Coast US winemakers channel their inner “gangsta”

great_grapestaYou might be more familiar with television and film star Christian Campbell for marijuana and Mormonism (remember him in Reefer Madness and his arc in Big Love?) than wine; you might not know that his Broadway and film star wife, America Olivo, comes from a winemaking family (El Dorado, California’s Nello Olivo Winery, spearheaded by her father, Nello).

This dynamic duo decided to put their film production experience and skills to the test for an “East” vs. “West” Coast wine-video challenge. As a Daily Sip® reader, you’re hereby getting access to the online premiere of The Great Grapesta Rap Videos produced by the Campbells and Broadway Dreams Foundation. Watch it here.

Representing the East Coast vintner-rappers is Chris Le Vine, proprietor of Pennsylvania’s Grace Winery. Born with the perfect name for a vintner (and a rapper), Le Vine honors his sister Grace (who was actually the niece and namesake of Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco) with his label. Le Vine even utilized his triple-threat daughter, Ginna Le Vine, to throw down the proverbial goblet in his video.

But West Coast rival vintner-rappers were not willing to go down without a fight. Stay tuned for a “holla back” from the West in a response that will either put this battle to rest, or be the official start of the Great Grapesta Rap Wars.

Click here for the online premiere of the video series.

Let the Grapesta games begin!

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