Figify Your Life

Figify Your Life

sonny_abesamis_9_16_15_400Figs on a cheese plate or in a salad add a touch of elegance and flare, especially when they’re fresh and in season. They’re a delicacy. But figs are, in fact, super nutritious and contain over 80 nutrients, so they look good, taste good and are great for you.

You can get them year round dried, but also fresh from California over the summer months and Europe later into the fall. Each region produces different varieties of figs with varying color skins and flesh.

Since it’s National Fig Week, we wanted to provide you with some fig options for this week and year round so you can get your fig on.

Your easiest bet for indulging in figs would be to hit the Fig and Olive restaurant, which has various locations in New York and Los Angeles. Fig Gorgonzola Tartlet anyone?

Places like Whole Foods sell seasonal dried figs, but their website also offers recipes for cooking and serving both.

A cheese platter flanked with figs or even fig spread is pure joy, but you can find cheese with fig already in it, like this Fig Chevre Breakfast Cheese. Um, that will change your morning.

It’s likely whatever you do with figs, you’ll have some sweet and savory action happening, so for a wine pairing something sparkling on the sweet side will work, or even dry Riesling to balance the sweetness of the fig in the food. Here are a couple of suggestions:

Clean Slate Riesling 2013 (Mosel) $11
Leitz Eins Zwei Dry 2013 (Rheingau) $15

So: Fig Out people.
What’s your favorite fig pairing? Tell us below.

Photo Credit: Sonny Abesamis

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