Food and Wine Series Wintery Pots of Gold

Food and Wine Series Wintery Pots of Gold

soup_imageThe cold snap in the air means winter is here to stay, which is good news if you like making cold-weather, one-pot meals like stew. While you’ve probably seen dishes like cassoulet and braised short ribs on restaurant menus year round, we think these kinds of foods taste better when we actually need something to stick to our ribs.

Here are some ideas for wines to drink with some of our favorite hearty winter soups and stews:

Beef Bourguignon Is there anything better than luxurious beef, bacon and vegetable stew with a side of perfect mashed potatoes? If there is, we can’t think of it. This dish, the perfect meal to enjoy while sitting by a fire, calls for a pinot noir that’s rich in both fruit and complexity. Burgundy is an obvious choice, but we can also recommend pinots from Oregon, Napa and Sonoma.

New England Clam Chowder An unctuous and silky soup with lots of cream, potatoes and clams, calls for a wine with some richness, tempered by fresh acidity. This is the perfect time to pull out one of those buttery California chardonnays you know you love.

Coq au Vin This classic French chicken dish starts with chicken that’s braised and slowly simmered with veggies in a pinot noir broth. So it’s not hard to figure out what to drink with it. Again, Burgundy is ideal but Oregon or Napa/Sonoma will work.

Cioppino An Italian-esque seafood stew that originated in San Francisco, cioppino is a savory, slightly spicy tomato base studded with shrimp, clams, crab and scallops. This dish cries out for a juicy rosé which, because of its fruit, can work well even in winter.

What’s your favorite winter stew and wine pairing? Tell us below.

Photo Credit: Epicurious

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