For Women’s History Month, we interviewed renowned sommelier Belinda Chang

For Women’s History Month, we interviewed renowned sommelier Belinda Chang

chang_belinda2_01With over 20 years of experience as a sommelier, Belinda Chang is an inspiration to the wine community. In honor of Women’s History Month, the Bottlenotes team discovered her style in Champagne and shoes, because well…what girl doesn’t like Champagne and shoes? (Sorry guys, but you can take notes for that special lady in your life).Chang, now the Champagne educator for Moët Hennessy USA, believes that just as there’s a shoe for every occasion, there’s also Champagne to pair with it. Dress (and drink) in style just like the fabulous Belinda Chang with these recommendations:

Occasion: Work Meeting

Shoe: Black Chanel kitten heels


Don’t have time to change into heels before your work meeting? Not to worry; the Impérial is perfect for the everyday occasion. “Every girl needs a pair of flats that can go straight into a meeting with the president of the company,” says Chang. “All of the refinement and chic needed for a meeting with the big wigs AND it works with everything for every day. Like my black kitten heels, Impérial is appropriate for every moment!”

Occasion: First day on the job

Shoe: Classic red Fendi pumps with the stiletto heel


Need to feel powerful on the first day of a new job, or for a big presentation? Nothing says power-shoe more than a pair of red pumps. “I channel Adele Fendi and her daughters and slip on my classic red Fendi pumps with the stiletto heel,” says Chang. “At the end of that work day, I channel another legendary woman in business, Madame Clicquot who, widowed at age 27, took over her husband's Champagne house in 1805. This rich, full style of Champagne derives its power from incorporating over 50% pinot noir in the blend and its complexity from the high percentage of reserve wines used. After a few glasses, you can hear me roar!”

Occasion: Sunday Funday

Shoe: Peter Pilotto for Nicholas Kirkwood lace-up heels


“I love to stroll the halls of MOMA, the Museum of Modern Art, on Sundays,” says Chang. “These shoes, like everything from Nicholas Kirkwood, are wearable works of art. Krug has only produced couture, prestige cuvée Champagnes since Joseph Krug founded the house in 1843. His Champagnes are all about luxury and pure pleasure. And after all, we ladies deserve nothing less!”

Occasion: Poolside

Shoe: Emilio Pucci Sandals


“Because just as rosé Champagne was often a happy (for us) accident, so was the Marchese Emilio becoming a fashion designer,” says Chang. “Rosé Champagne, like a great pair of sandals, is an attitude, a state of mind and the perfect thing for spring.”

Occasion: Elegant cocktail party or a night at the clubs

Shoe: Christian Dior Black Satin Open-Toe Pump with Disco Ball Jewel

Champagne: DOM PÉRIGNON 2004

“Both Dom Pérignon and the house of Dior boast fantastic stories of their creators,” says Chang. “The monk Pierre Pérignon perfected many facets of the art of making sparkling Champagne in the 1600 and 1700s. The revolutionary designer Christian Dior brought us the New Look in 1947. They’re both legendary brands with brilliant creators that still feel fresh, yet decadent, today.”

What's your favorite Champagne and shoes pairing? Let us know below.

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