Gascony is Known for More Than the Three Musketeers

Gascony is Known for More Than the Three Musketeers

cdg_grapesEven to people who have never visited its wide plains and rolling hills, Gascony has the ring of historic France – an enticing land between Bordeaux and the Pyrenees bordering the Atlantic. It is perhaps best known as the home of the Three Musketeers.

For wine drinkers, the Côtes de Gascogne is home to some of the best, most refreshing white wines available. White wine accounts for about 80 percent of total wine production, made from both indigenous grapes (colombard, ugni blanc, petit manseng and gros manseng) and international varieties (sauvignon blanc and chardonnay). Côtes de Gascogne represents France’s most-exported white wines.

Côtes de Gascogne wines have an incredible story because of their development in just forty years. While at beginning the producers only produced Armagnac with Colombard and Ugni-Blanc, prized for their crisp acidity, they progressively produced more white wines using those native grapes and offering amazing fresh wines. Chalky soils give fragrance. This combination of crispness and fragrance makes Côtes de Gascogne white wines excellent pairings with Gascony's legendary cuisine - duck, chicken and foie gras.

Small amounts of red wine and rosés are made from the native tannat grape blended with cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc and merlot.

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