Gerald Casale Sings the Praises of Wine

Gerald Casale Sings the Praises of Wine

devoThe Wine Enthusiast did something really cool for the magazine’s June issue: the editors dedicated the pages to both music and wine, celebrating the artists who make both, plus took a look at great wine watering holes and festivals.

That kind of coverage is music to our ears here at The Daily Sip. So all this month, we’re delivering highlights from some of our favorite interviews with these musical greats, direct to your inbox.

Wine Enthusiast had an exclusive interview with Gerald Casale who recently launched the 50 by 50 brand of wines, produced on a 23-acre vineyard in the Wooden Valley area of Napa county, California. The winery is launching with pinot noir and a rosé of pinot noir. Casale’s website explains that he fell in love with wine when Devo first formed and moved west to California. His love affair hasn’t ended.

Here’s a clip from the interview with the Wine Enthusiast:

Wine Enthusiast: Do you have a desert island bottle?

Gerald Casale: It would be the 1998 Krug “Clos du Mesnil” Champagne. A bottle is not enough, so I’d prefer a Jeroboam, a wheelbarrow full of crushed ice and a solar-powered cooler.

Read on for the rest of the interview.

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Photo Credit: Variety.

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