Get Ready For Summertime Entertaining

Get Ready For Summertime Entertaining

scottsimage250x250Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to get out in your gardens. Taking your backyard from wintery despair to beautiful oasis takes only a few steps.

All good gardens start with a concept, so spend some time visualizing what you want from your garden: edibles for fresh cooking, herbs for flavor or flowers for a visual wonderland? To get started, start from the ground up on a ‘dirt day’. Clear out debris, loosen up old soil, and add new Nature’s Care Garden Soil into the mix. Add 2-3 inches of soil where you intend to plant. Finish the preparation by raking, leveling and clearing debris from the area.

Next, plant your seeds when conditions are optimal, placing in rows and marking with stakes. Then cover the seeds by replacing soil, gently patting down, and finish up by watering the seed bed.

Keep your plants happy and healthy by watering and feeding regularly. Plants need to be watered once a day and fed every two weeks. Depending on the type of plants you’re growing, you’ll need different types of plant food. Nature’s Care Plant Foods can provide desired results for any type of plant.

Now grab some friends, create a meal with your home-grown ingredients, pair with your favorite wine and enjoy!

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