Get to Know Puglia without Flying to Southern Italy

Get to Know Puglia without Flying to Southern Italy

toa_neprica_250w_400For more than 3,000 years winemakers in Puglia have nurtured sun-loving grapes ideally suited to the region’s warm, dry climate in the heel of Italy’s boot. The rest of the world is now discovering these native gems. One wine in particular, Tormaresca Neprica, is the perfect introduction to the region and native grapes of Puglia.

Making a Name for Puglia with Native Grapes: Tormaresca NEPRICA
NEPRICA takes its name from the trio of grape varieties used to make the wine by using the first letters of each varietal: NEgroamaro (40%), PRImitivo (30%) and CAbernet Sauvignon (30%).

**Grown exclusively on Tormaresca’s Masseria Maime estate in Salento along the Adriatic coastline.
**Robust with aromas of black cherry and hints of ripe red fruit.
**Eminently affordable at about $10 a bottle, making it a great way to experience Puglia.

A Quick Primer on the Native Red Grapes of Puglia:
NEGROAMARO - An inky black, thick-skinned variety that creates powerful, rich wines with a dark ruby color and a round, pleasantly bitter yet velvety taste.

PRIMITIVO – Luscious and full-bodied with blackberry flavors. The grape is a distant cousin of California’s Zinfandel, sharing the same DNA but with less alcohol.

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