Go-To Pairings for Fresh Fare? Provençal Rosés

Go-To Pairings for Fresh Fare? Provençal Rosés

woprovence.mainimageIt’s never easier than this time of year to bring farm-fresh produce to your dinner table. Which makes late summer a great time to enjoy Provence rosé, that quintessential partner for fresh fare.

Provence has more fresh vegetables and fish in its cuisine than any other French region. In the United States, we refer to this style of eating as the Mediterranean diet. But it’s just part of the lifestyle in Provence – right alongside days soaking in the sun, evening meals in the garden with friends, and a glass of wine for good cheer.

Provence’s gold standard rosés, with their crisp, lively character, are perfect pairings with traditional Provençal foods, like Niçoise salad, tapenade, ratatouille, grilled fish, and bouillabaisse. Yet with their balance of fruit and acidity, Provence rosés are a wonderful match for foods from many areas of the world. For example, sushi, curry, tacos, tapas, pizza, and even America’s own southern barbecue!

Best of all, whether enjoyed with food or on their own, Provence rosés bring people together. Want to learn more about Provence food and wine? Check out this new book, available in paperback and Kindle editions.

And if you want to test your Provence wine knowledge, join the Wines of Provence Take Me Away Rosé trivia contest on Facebook!

Have any fresh foods you enjoy with a Provence rosé? Let us know below.

Photo Credit: Wines of Provence

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