Going Camping? Stash These Wines in the Cooler

Going Camping? Stash These Wines in the Cooler

camp-fire-It’s time for cooking over a campfire and sleeping under the stars. But while you’re packing up your gear, don’t forget the wine—these cookout pairings are as good as the great outdoors.

You can’t beat a warming, rustic pot of chili after a day of camping. Whether it’s a family recipe or Chunky Beef and Syrah Chili, it’ll be best with a similarly big, juicy red wine. A few favorites:

VENGE VINEYARDS “Scout’s Honor” Proprietary Red 2012 (Napa Valley, CA) $38
MURPHY-GOODE “Liar’s Dice” Zinfandel 2011 (Sonoma County, CA) $21
HARDYS NOTTAGE HILL Shiraz 2012 (South Eastern Australia) $12

Regular ol’ hot dogs might go with either rosé or pinot noir, but the charring of Campfire Hot Dogs tips the scales toward pinot. Try:

ERATH Pinot Noir “Estate Selection” 2011 (Willamette Valley, OR) $34
STEELHEAD VINEYARDS Pinot Noir 2012 (Sonoma County, CA) $15
MUMBO JUMBO Pinot Noir 2012 (California) $21

Will you be serving some fresh-caught Trout? Try it with chardonnay or chardonnay-based blend, but a richer one with some oaky hints, to complement the smoky flavors in the skillet.

BLINDFOLD Chardonnay Blend 2012 (California) $31
FEL Chardonnay 2012 (Anderson Valley, CA) $28
NEWMAN’S OWN Chardonnay 2013 (California) $9

And of course, you’ll be finishing your meal with that campfire classic, S’mores . A dessert this special deserves a similarly special dessert wine:

ST. AMANT Tawny Port “Lot #7” n.v. (Amador County, CA) $35 (500 ml)
LES CLOS DE PAULILLES Banyuls Rimage 2011 (Languedoc-Roussillon, France) $20 (500 ml)
CEJA VINEYARDS Late Harvest White Wine “Dulce Beso” 2008 (Carneros, Napa Valley, CA) $20

What wines will you be enjoying on your camping trips this summer? Let us know below.

Photo Credit: Wilderness Survival Skills.

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