Greece Strives for Quality and Succeeds

Greece Strives for Quality and Succeeds

400x400_400Greece and wine go back about 4,000 years. Just as the Greeks created the concepts of culture and democracy, they also developed the first appellation system that is so common in today’s wine world. They even developed the first wine glass!

As the third most mountainous country in Europe, Greece’s distinct topography enables the cultivation of cool weather grapes in a warm weather climate, an unexpected attribute of Greek wines and their diverse terroir.

So, what should YOU expect? Expect wines with a perfect balance of high acidity and low alcohol. In other words, white wines that taste crisp and fresh and reds that are silky and elegant. Both work beautifully with a variety of foods.

Though Greece has about 350 indigenous varietals (along with international varietals), the four flagship grapes are: assyrtiko, moschofilero (both whites) and agiorgitiko and xinomavro (both reds). You get extra points if you can pronounce them (hint: the ‘g’ sounds like a ‘y’). You can learn more about them and Greece at

The cultural roots of Greek wine go beyond those of any wine region. Yet, their modernity in flavor and food friendliness have caught the attention of America’s leading chefs and sommeliers. Now it’s time for them to catch yours.

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