Hot Date?

Hot Date?

dateIt's Friday and you have an after-work date at a wine bar. While a tasty glass or two can break the ice, the wrong wine--or ordering in the wrong way--can have you at home, alone, watching Star Trek reruns by 8:30.

The trick, of course, is to find the right bottle and, if you're knowledgeable about wine, not come off as sounding snooty. Here, then, are Team Daily Sip's foolproof tips for selecting wine on a date:

  • Check the bar's wine selection in advance, either online or in person. If the best offering is Boone's Farm, change the venue.
  • Ask your date what type of wines he or she likes. Red or white? Crisp? Fruity? Oaky? It will help guide you to the best choice--and it shows you care about your date's preferences. Brownie points.
  • Play it cool and casual with the sommelier, whether you know a little or a lot about wine. The somm's job is to help you find something you like, in your price range--no matter your wine know-how.
  • Don't feel obligated to finish an entire bottle; incoherence is not a turn-on. Half-bottles and small-pour flights help you taste more and indulge less.
  • When in doubt, bubbles go with everything.

If you're just starting out with wine and even the above seems too much to remember, just be honest and admit that you're a newbie--but that you do have an open mind. That alone should keep you out beyond 8:30.

Do you have a go-to date wine? Share it with us below.


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