How to Wine Your Way Through Tax Day

How to Wine Your Way Through Tax Day

tax-day-2014-pictures_01Whine and wine: it’s tax time. Whether you owe the government or are getting a nice refund back, we’ve got a wine to get you through filing time. We thought it best to pair wine with a couple of big tax changes from 2013 that could impact your filing this year, plus a bargain buy for those left with a hefty bill.

Highest of High Earners
You’ll need to drink a little extra to get through the increased tax burden you’ll endure if you’re a high-income household. For singles earning $400,000 or more or married couples filing jointly earning $450,000 or more—first, congratulations on being rich—your bracket jumps to 39.6% from 35% and your capital gains tax is going up to 20% from 15%. We say raid the cellar now and drink something expensive since Uncle Sam might just have taken a sip out of your future wine-budget. For the rest of us mere mortals not in this range, we say celebrate with this tax-splurge wine anyway. It’s from France’s Rhône Valley, and it is delicious.

DOMAINE BERNARD GRIPA Saint-Joseph 2009 (Rhône, France) $50

Alternative Minimum Tax Adjustment
For those of us in the middle class who got nabbed with AMT in recent years, Congress permanently patched it, and adjusted it for inflation so millions of taxpayers will finally skate through this irritating measure meant to impact only the wealthy. We say, “drink to that” with a bottle of reasonably priced bubbles by a well known wine estate in Spain.

BODEGAS MUGA Conde de Haro Cava non-vintage (Rioja, Spain) $23

Cheap and Cheerful
If you’re stuck with a big tax bill from 2013 that you’ve perhaps been put off paying, we don’t suggest saving your pennies to ease the pain. No, we suggest you take your last spare $10 and buy yourself something to celebrate better luck next tax year. Pour a glass and ease your burden before you head out to the post office to drop your filing into the mail just ahead of the midnight deadline on tax day.

CASA BIANCHI Torrontés 2012 (Mendoza, Argentina) $9

What’s tax day looking like for your bottom line? Let us know below.

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