iBev Newsletter: Fall 2014

iBev Newsletter: Fall 2014


It has been a busy few months here at Bottlenotes. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to put some of our learnings at iBev2 into practice with the launch of The Proof, a weekly email newsletter focused on cocktail culture, targeting women. Specifically, the discussions around compelling visual content, from keynote speakers like Jim Lesser of BBDO San Francisco and Oren Katzeff of Tastemade, led us to a more image-forward design for this publication, with increased presence on Instagram and Pinterest for this publication in light of our female target demographic.

In addition, we have formally commenced the planning for iBev3. Please SAVE THE DATE of Friday, February 20th, 2015, once again at the historic Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. (Get your early bird tickets through December 31, 2014 at www.bottlenotes.com/ibev3).

In this second iBev newsletter, back by popular demand are a few “links you can use” to articles we feel are highly relevant to you as digitally-savvy beverage marketers. The White Paper by Klout and Shift is very insightful. (Have a link you think we should include next newsletter? Email it to ibev@bottlenotes.com.)

Finally, we are grateful and excited to feature an exclusive Q&A with iBev2 keynote speaker, Greg Shove, founder & CEO of Social Chorus, which includes 4 tips for how to start engaging employees to become formal brand advocates.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy holiday season til our next newsletter~

AJR SignatureAlyssa Rapp, Founder & CEO, Bottlenotes, Inc.

shove_bevelfinal_zps964ec8f6_01Speaker Spotlight
Greg Shove, Founder & CEO, Social Chorus

Q: Can you provide 3-4 tips for how to start engaging employees to become formal brand advocates?

1. Align goals to your mission and philosophy. Before launching an employee Advocate Marketing program, you must clearly outline your goals. They can range anywhere from amplifying brand awareness, driving sales leads, to recruiting top talent and boosting employee morale.

2. It's also key to seek internal support. Powering employees to be advocates is a company-wide initiative which means it may involve collaborating with various departments. Support from leadership is also important. When leadership is involved, employees are more likely to participate.

3. Train a pilot group. Start small with training before launching and rolling out to the entire company. Training a pilot group allows for the opportunity to improve the program as you go.

4. Make joining easy and rewarding: An easy-to-use platform partnered with training and guidelines will give employees everything that they need to get started and enjoy participating.

Q: Your keynote at iBev this year provided a game plan for leveraging a small # of advocates to drive significant marketing ROI. Do you have any adjustments/modifications you would make to the game plan provided below gained in the months that have transpired since?

The gameplan involves 5 key points: 1) 50 advocates minimum, 2)the program needs to run for at least 6 months, 3) allocate a "thank you" budget, 4) allocate a few hours a week to manage, and 5) expect 3-5x ROI for Advocate Marketing Value.

Q: What are the most successful tactics you have seen for publicly thanking/acknowledge employee advocates?

Employees are highly motivated by the opportunity to receive visibility within their organization. We’ve seen successful recognition programs that were as simple (but meaningful) as giving employees shout outs in company communications or meetings. Additionally, thank you's can include lunch with executives, unique swag or branded gifts, or access to seminars and training. Thank yous should be authentic and unique to the company’s culture.

Q: Can you provide an example of a brand that you’ve worked with at SocialChorus that has successfully adapted its advocacy strategy across channels, even for a single brand?

We have worked with a number of brands who have successfully adapted their strategy across major social media channels. A few of these include:

• 10 of the Fortune 50 companies
• 14 of Fortune’s Most Admired companies
• 7 of the largest CPGs
• 3 of the largest telecom companies
• #1 largest employer in the U.S.

Q: According to the press, SocialChorus raised $7.5MM in Series B funding in September 2014. Congratulations! How do you plan to utilize the resources to enhance the advocate marketing platform/services that you provide?

We recently opened an engineering and product development facility in Vancouver and plan to further develop the platform for the needs of the Fortune 1000.

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