Ideal Holiday Gift for Food and Wine Lovers Alike

Ideal Holiday Gift for Food and Wine Lovers Alike

essenceofwineAs you start planning your personal or professional holiday gift giving this year, consider something both thoughtful and innovative: Alder Yarrow’s new, truly beautiful coffee table book, The Essence of Wine (©Alder Yarrow 2014, $75).

As previously covered by The Daily Sip®, Yarrow’s claim to cyberstar fame is his wine blog,, one of the first on the web, and one of the most trafficked today. The Essence of Wine began as a Vinography series and quickly became one of the site’s most popular features. Thereafter, the labor of love that is writing a book began, in partnership with award-winning food photographer Leigh Beisch and art director Sara Slavin.

In Essence, Yarrow divides the taste characteristics of wine into four different categories: Harvest, Terrain, Garden, and Kitchen. The first section, Harvest, includes fruits and things that grow on trees. Terrain includes flavors with earthy elements; Garden covers flowers and herbs. Finally in the “Kitchen” section, Yarrow groups together items he describes as “confected,” such as buttered popcorn and cured meats. Yarrow pairs his trademark sinewy wine descriptions with gorgeous, boldly colored photographic imagery from Leigh, a winning combination. More, Essence includes an array of wine recommendations organized by each “essence” (e.g. a photo of pomegranate seeds are paired with wines in which he tastes the notes of pomegranate).

As such, Yarrow’s wine recommendations will appeal to an array of wine people. The wine selections range from new, sexy Turkish wines to wines from ancient grapes like trousseau to very accessible wines from around the globe. Best of all, the recommended wines are available in the US, so there is no tantalizing recommendation that cannot be acquired (our shared pet peeve).

With only 1,750 books available in the US until 2015, get them while supplies last at Neither your visual or physical palate will be sorry.

Which wine-related gifts will you be giving this holiday season? Let us know below.

Photo Credit: The Essence of Wine

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