Interstate Wine Shipments May Be Restricted

Interstate Wine Shipments May Be Restricted

Whether you shop online for wine or you’re a member of a wine club, something is happening out there.

And it’s not good.

Many retailers are starting to face out-of-state shipping issues. That means, depending on your state, they may not be able to ship your wine to you.

We know — the thought is sickening.

Part of the problem is we’re dealing with interstate shipping laws that were created after Prohibition in the 1930s — yes the 1930s — and they haven’t been updated since.

So today, only 14 states actually allow out-of-state retailers to legally ship wine to their consumers.

But, if you can believe it, those already pathetic laws are getting worse.

For instance, one of our favorite flash-sale sites, Wine Kloud is actually down. There is a note on the homepage that says because “The retailer's ability to ship wine over state lines is contracting at a rapid pace,” they have shut down the site until things are sorted out.

We reached out to the National Association of Wine Retailers (NAWR) because they are at the forefront of this fight.

And they’re super worried.

“We are concerned that FedEx and UPS will get out of wine shipping business,” says President Daniel Posner, who is also owner of Grapes The Wine Company in White Plains, NY.

Both carriers denied that this was happening when we reached out to them though.

Yet retailers, many who wanted to remain nameless, are seeing it.

This uncertainty makes it very difficult for your favorite retailer to plan for the future.

And if interstate shipping is halted, it could cost the wine industry in America billions of dollars, according to the NAWR.

Wineries should be concerned too. Many of them rely on retailers to sell their wine because they don’t have the budgets and manpower to do it themselves. If retailers can’t sell their wine, what will they do with it all?

We know that people already are losing jobs and many sites now have limited shipping.

But we need your help to keep on top of this huge story. Please, check your favorite sites. Talk to your retailers.

And let us know.

Just the thought of not having our favorite wines delivered to our front door is down-right nauseating.

Tracy Byrnes, former FOX Business Network anchor and host of “Wine with Me” for, is editor-in-chief and chief contributor of The Sip. 

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