Join the Virtual Vintner Winemaking Community

Join the Virtual Vintner Winemaking Community

TA_smallTasteAgent Community,

Have you ever dreamed of owning a vineyard? Stomping grapes and bottling your own juice? Now’s your chance to try your hand at the art of winemaking, without ever leaving your desk. Your next mission will involve joining winemaker Elizabeth Grant-Douglas to create a totally new La Crema® wine.

Step 1: Join the Virtual Vintner winemaking community, available here, to start the journey.

Step 2: Help create the next La Crema® wine! From choosing a varietal to designing a label, each winemaking decision will be made with your voice and your vote.
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Step 3: Earn rewards the more you participate. The first 20 TasteAgents to sign up for the Virtual Vintner program will get free shipping and a 50% off code to use towards the La Crema® online store, and all TasteAgents that sign up and vote will get $5 flat shipping.

Finally, the TasteAgents who make it to the final stage of the winemaking process will be featured in a special edition of The Daily Sip® reviewing their experience with the Virtual Vintner program.

Thank you, as always, for your dedication in completing these missions.

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