Look to New Zealand for Some Bright, Delicious Wines

Look to New Zealand for Some Bright, Delicious Wines

nzAs the cool air rolls in and the leaves continue to fall, Team Bottlenotes looked to New Zealand for bright, fresh, delicious wines to enjoy.

Alyssa Rapp
ASTROLABE Sauvignon Blanc 2012 (Marlborough, NZ) $21
Pale straw yellow in color, this New Zealand sauvignon blanc is anything but “pale” in flavor. Overt notes of lime peel, gooseberry, red current, and 7-Up dominate this delicious wine. Find it here.

Kim Donaldson
FELTON ROAD Pinot Noir “Calvert Vineyard” 2012 (Bannockburn, NZ) $59

kimdonaldsonA standout pinot from New Zealand, with big, juicy black fruit flavors but also subtle notes of lavender, rose, and cinnamon. It is velvety smooth, full of character, and delivers a long, delicious finish. It would be amazing for a Thanksgiving celebration! Find it here.

Devin Parr
MAN O’ WAR “Ironclad” 2008 (Waiheke Island, NZ) $32
This Bordeaux blend comes with a fierce name and some even fiercer packaging. Blackberry and ripe plum mingle with rose petal notes and a seductive whiff of sweet tobacco. It’s a rich, contemplative wine, perhaps best served fireside as the weather cools. Find it here.

Nicki Spear
KIM CRAWFORD Sauvignon Blanc 2013 (Marlborough, NZ) $18

nickispear_03Such a delicious go-to for me especially after a long day. The wine has crisp, citrus notes with a bit of stone fruit and melon, while offering bright, balanced acidity. It’s got a bit of zip and exuberance, which makes it fun too! Find it here.

Bryce Wiatrak
FORREST “The Doctors” Sauvignon Blanc 2013 (Marlborough, New Zealand) $15
You can’t quite say Forrest’s “The Doctors” represents the typical New Zealand sauvignon blanc. Although it still displays the signature herbaceousness of Marlborough sauvignon blanc, tropical notes of tart kiwi and starfruit take center stage. What makes this sauvignon blanc truly unique, however, is its low 9.5% alcohol. The Doctor himself, John Forrest, has committed himself to developing wines at lower levels of alcohol without losing varietal character. His sauvignon blanc achieves just that—a zesty white wine that makes you feel no shame in pouring glass number three. Find it here.

Which New Zealand wines do you enjoy sipping? Let us know below.

Photo Credit: New Zealand Wine

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