National Stress Awareness Month

National Stress Awareness Month

denise_mattox_wine_400x267_400April is National Stress Awareness Month. Practically an American pastime, stress, say experts, is the underlying cause of numerous chronic illnesses, countless sleepless nights, headaches, backaches, anxiety, depression, interpersonal conflicts…need we go on?

In honor of National Stress Awareness Month, we thought we'd reprise our most popular Daily Sips on the health benefits of wine. While wine alone is of course not a solution to all things stress management, when it’s consumed in moderation, wine can help!

Moderate alcohol consumption—particularly of wine—may reduce the risk of dementia. Find out what researchers at Loyola University’s Chicago Stritch School of Medicine have learned here.

As many people are aware, breast cancer is the leading type of women’s cancer in the United State. A recent study shows drinking red wine in moderation may help curb breast cancer risk. Read more about it here.

Throughout the duration and beyond National Stress Awareness Month, we want to remember a book that makes the case for taking it easy, because as we all know, sipping wine is a great idea, but sipping too much is a terrible one. Read Amita Dasgupta’s book about The Science of Drinking here.

Being aware of alcohol is only a small part of incorporating wine into a healthy lifestyle. Susan Yager, author of The Hundred Year Diet: America’s Voracious Appetite For Weight Loss says drinking wine with a meal helps you slow down and enjoy your food. Read on for our full interview with Yager, who gives her expert insight on a healthy lifestyle--and where wine fits into it here.

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What will you do for National Stress Awareness Month? Tell us below.

Photo by Denise Mattox, "Wine"

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