Opera and wine are the perfect pairing

Opera and wine are the perfect pairing

bocelliThe Wine Enthusiast did something really cool for the magazine’s June issue: the editors dedicated the pages to both music and wine, celebrating the artists who make both.

As music and wine lovers, we at The Daily Sip® find that kind of coverage to be music to our ears. So this month, we’ll be sharing five of our favorite features from the Wine Enthusiast with you, starting with WE’s exclusive interview with Andrea Bocelli.

You know him as the opera singer who turned his genre into a mainstream phenomena. The WE wants you to know him as an artist who makes wine too. He’s co-owner of Bocelli Family Wines in Tuscany, a three-decade old family run winery. Tuscan favorites like prosecco and sangiovese are amongst their offerings, plus some classic Italian blends as well.

In this exclusive interview, Bocelli discusses the connection between music and winemaking, and more:

Wine Enthusiast: Do you see a connection between music and winemaking?

Andrea Bocelli: Music is ultimately an expression of the human heart, and while it’s carefully composed, it’s not rational. Human beings have a visceral response to music, not a calculated one. Winemaking, I think, is also carefully composed, and it, too, creates a very powerful, uncalculated response.

Read on to see the rest of the interview with Andrea Bocelli.

What do you think about the connection between music and wine? Let us know below.

Photo Credit: Bocelli Family Wines.

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