Packing a Punch Stateside

Packing a Punch Stateside

4466598738_511f9361ae_o_300x225When you think of Japan, two things come to mind: sushi and saké. While we’ve gotten past hot saké at sushi bars, many of us wine enthusiasts have only begun to understand cold saké. This is partially because saké usually comes in a bottle with only Japanese characters on the label. It’s also because, like wine, there are many different quality levels associated with sake: gingo, daigingo, junmai gingo, etc.

Enter Momokawa, a line of sakés made in Oregon. Organically made at every step of the process (rice, yeast and koji), Momokawa Organic Junmai Ginjo is simply delicious. As a very delicate, no-preservatives-added, light-sensitive product, it is very costly to transport saké. But the ultra-delicious and refined Momokawa saké sells for about $10 a glass, or $38, a bottle since it’s made here in the U-S-A.

Saké expert Tora Matsuoka says, “Momokawa is Nomi-yasui, (easy to drink). It’s smooth with light spice aromas, big fruit flavors and a long, clean finish.” And at 14.5% alcohol, this delicate beverage packs a punch.

Begin your exploration of the world of saké by trying sakes of all quality levels at your local sushi bar. But try to find a bottle of Momokawa. It represents the best of all things Made in America.

Have a favorite saké you’ve tried? Share it below.

Photo by Tristan Kenney, "sake and sushi & sashimi"

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