Pairing Wine and Cheese with Football

Pairing Wine and Cheese with Football

gridironAs you eagerly await the Super Bowl showdown, impress your guests with the perfect cheese board. Why not pair your afternoon watching modern gladiators with some wine and all-American cheese? Some of our favorite American cheeses these days are from Wisconsin (like the Packers). But these cheeses aren’t exactly your standard cheddars, and the wine pairing possibilities for them also pack a punch:

Marieke Smoked Gouda (WI)
A great wine pairing for smoked gouda is always the complementary flavor of a “smoky” wine, such as a South African pinotage.

Roelli Farms, Red Rock Blue (WI)
Aromatic and honeyed sweet rieslings, or even Sauternes, provide a wonderful contrasting wine pairing to the creamy, yet pungent, nature of blue cheese.

If you want to take your football cheese fest to the next level, here are three tips on how to build the perfect cheese plate:

- Go for quality over quantity: Serve 3-5 cheeses on a cheese board. You want to plan for 2-3 ounces of cheese per fellow spectator.

- Variety is the spice of life: An ideal cheese platter has cheeses from different milk types (made from goat, sheep and cow’s milk), and those that range in style (soft and creamy to hard and nuttier in flavor).

- Additions are your friend: Nuts, olives, even quince paste can jazz-up any cheese-platter.

For a treasure trove of information about entertaining with cheese from the veteran Fromageur, Max McCalman, click here. There is also a vast amount of information on entertaining with cheese from the “the land of a thousand cheeses” here.

Have additional wine and cheese pairings that accompany your football watching? Share them here!

Photo Credit: The Cheese Shoppe 

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