Pairing Wine with Cold Vegetarian Summer Soups

Pairing Wine with Cold Vegetarian Summer Soups

cedar_summit_farm_400x221_400What’s the first thought that comes to mind when someone says “soup”? A big cauldron of boiling, rich, filling broth, studded with meat? That sounds great if it’s December. But during the dog days of summer, when you’re eating outside in the heat and humidity, that’s about the last thing you want set in front of you. Try serving a cool, soothing chilled soup, with a refreshing glass of wine to go along side your al fresco summer meal.

Is there any soup that screams summer more than gazpacho? This melange of vegetables, including summer’s best tomatoes, deserves a wine that best matches hot summer nights and outdoor dining: rosé. These vegetable-loving dry pink wines complement the acidity of the tomatoes, and are friendly with any herbs from the garden you may add to your gazpacho.

Perhaps you have an abundance of leeks and potatoes? It’s time for some cold leek and potato soup, which sounds so much fancier when you call it “vichyssoise.” Make it vegetarian by replacing the chicken stock with vegetable stock. Since this soup contains a fair amount of cream, try complimenting that richness with a chardonnay with a touch of heft from oak aging. But you still want the wine to have a refreshing finish to cleanse your palate, so check out what the Macon region of Burgundy has to offer. You’ll find those wines have prices well suited to casual summer dining, too.

What is your favorite summertime soup and wine combo to beat the heat? Tell us below.

Photo Credit: Cedar Summit Farm

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