PhD Entrepreneurs Bringing Gravity Flow Wine to Outer Space

PhD Entrepreneurs Bringing Gravity Flow Wine to Outer Space

wine-pouringMovies often provide inspiration. The Karate Kid, for example, influenced a generation of youngsters to take up karate. This tradition continues for two young wine-loving entrepreneurs and recent MIT grads, Richard Greye and Peter Feinmore. The Oscar-winning film “Gravity” got both men’s creative juices flowing. The day after watching the film, they were strolling through New York’s Flushing Meadows Park and, curiously, wondering two things: Where did the astronauts pee go? And were they able to bring any wine on board?

Further research led to the discovery of a YouTube video starring Astronaut Chris Hadfield, who demonstrated how a powerful NASA centrifugal distiller turns urine into purified water. Having worked with similar equipment at MIT, the duo has been experimenting with this process along with the addition of yeast inoculations, concentrated tannins, and grape must, in the hopes of providing our (off-duty) astronauts with a well-deserved glass of wine. Though this perfectly safe beverage will not be making Bordeaux obsolete, Greye and Feinmore are soliciting volunteers who have seasoned palates (and full bladders) to help fine-tune the ratio of centrifuged components.

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