Prosecco Shortage? Not This Year So Drink Up!

Prosecco Shortage? Not This Year So Drink Up!

There’s a Prosecco shortage!


No, there’s not. So pour a glass and relax.


There is definitely a big increase in demand, particularly in the UK, which was only introduced to Prosecco back in 1989, when Gianluca Bisol, of the Bisol Winery brought his family’s Prosecco to London.


And the Millennials here at home are scooping it up. Prosecco is one of their most frequent purchases, according to research firm Wine Opinions.


The more pressing issue is that land is limited. “The Prosecco region [of Italy] is a defined zone, with limited acreage designated for Prosecco grapes,” says Georgetta Dane, senior winemaker for the Chloe Wine Collection.


Remember, Prosecco must consist mostly of the Glera grape which is only grown in that designated area in northeastern Italy. And as of now, the Italian government has placed limits on how many grapes can be planted.


The good news is they can raise those caps when they see fit, says Enore Ceola, CEO and managing director of Mionetto USA. “Right now they are trying to keep control and preserve quality which is very smart.”


And while 2014 was a challenging year for Prosecco grapes, 2015 was much better. So have no fear.


Now, will the smaller producers run out? Probably. Their production was low to begin with and they won’t meet demand.


And will prices go up? On some bottles, yes, because, again, demand warrants it.


But the great part is you can still find some really well-made bottles for $20 or less.


If you do want to splurge a little, look for bottles that say Prosecco Superiore DOCG-labeled wines. Those bottles are made of grapes from a very specific part of the region.


And, finally, expect to see more Prosecco by-the-glass options in restaurants as customers demand both entry-level and premium offereings, says Ceola.


That’s good news for all of us!


So try one of these or let us know your favorite!


Chloe Prosecco ($13)


Mionetto Prosecco Organic,($13)


Bisol Cartizze Superiore, ($37)

Tracy Byrnes, former FOX Business Network anchor and host of “Wine with Me” for, is editor-in-chief and chief contributor of The Sip. 

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